How exactly do you say

Well, with creativity and determination. The details are open to interpretation with the potential to be expressed through dance. Hi I'm Jo. A get-shit-done-type of designer, researcher and maker. My passion lies in designing for the difficult, awkward or ambiguous, through collaboration and fast iteration. What excites me the most is working outside of the typical design field.

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Designer type*

On paper I'm a strange combination of Industrial Designer, and a Master of Social Design. What I've learnt with experience is that for me it's all about getting my hands dirty. Sitting back and compartmentalizing design doesn't work, and, talking about doing something often takes more time than completeing the task itself.

For the last four years I have focused on building my visual design skills and interaction design know-how. Along the way I've had ridiculous amounts of fun dreaming up and creating awesome side projects and pop-up events. My curiousity has led me to travel, work and study only the most challenging places I could find. Helping me build my ever-expanding snowglobe collection.

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Six projects I'm proud of
(and can actually tell you about)

Despite being a very open person, and excited to talk about almost anything, unfortunately I must respect confidentiality agreements. Especially for the sake of the great projects I have worked on that are still in the process of being made real.

Designing health

A research project

Amsterdam diner

Branding and experience

3D Systems

Hard-core interaction design


Product design

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Pixel perfect details

Refugee Realities

Using design for good

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