1. VeggiePatch provides edible landscapes for urban spaces. Using recycled materials, irrigation technology and Permaculture principles it allows climate concerned city dwellers to experience the pleasure of cultivating food in space restricted, urban areas. Eliminating food miles, packaging, processing, and waste water used in flood irrigation at the beginning of the food production cycle. And greenhouse gas emissions, need for landfill and food waste transportation at the end, VeggiePatch allows for a plug and play approach to food cultivation and composting. Being adaptable to its surroundings, capable of watering itself, VeggiePatch gives urban residents a hands way to reduce their eco-footprints.


  2. Landscape linen aims to create conversation and distraction during illness because having visitors whether at home, or at hospital is beneficial to your recovery. The landscape linen consists of a flat sheet and pillow use piezoelectric sensors to monitor your health, and a blanket provides positive distraction and social interaction. The blanket can be used individually, collaboratively or competitively. Starting as a soft textured print on bamboo fleece, washable markers allow it to be filled in and built upon each visit. Primarily this blanket is for interaction activities between friends, and the provision of an escape from the world of sickness.


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    Urban Laundry Initiative

    Three alternative approaches to laundering (fast, slow and co-operative) that aim to make the process more sustainable. Allowing for use of grey water, alternative energy input including physical input. This range of products allows it users to re-assess their use or resources on a basic daily level. Designed for separating loads during use (colours, dark, light etc), and for multiple users to use the same machine this system keeps in mind hygiene and existing systems, while utilising mechanics to maximise efficiency.


  4. Designing Health

    Designing Health is a project about changing the sickness experience, by incorporating mental and social health into contemporary medical practice. Based on the global trends of increased home recovery (a shift of healthcare to self care), private/social based care, and lifestyle solutions for lifestyle diseases the project proposes two products and multiple ways to approach health and illness.


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    OMD : Olfactory Memory Device

    The O.M.D is a system in which smells are captured, stored and recreated in order to facilitate memory triggers/dosage. The sensation of smell unlike other senses has direct linkage to the emotional, working, and, short term memory centers of the brain (Amygdala and Hippocampus). 

    This project is a reflection on the increased way in which technology is allowing us to capture our everyday lives, and the simulated presence we create as a result. It is a shift away from physical Memorabilia and toward data driven triggers. The O.M.D has both physical and virtual elements, and redifines the relationship between the original and the copy. It is an exploration of how a memory could be recalled chemically without any tangible object in place.


  6. Co-design with the homeless

    Muzus is a design group specialized in co creation, with the help of Impegno and the City of the Hague a workshop was run focusing on concerns a group of longtime unemployed Hindustani men, in the Transvaal area of The Hague. Most of the men are alcoholic and homeless, which results in the group hanging about in the streets. The group consisted of 40 men. The city received complaints from the residents of the neighborhood and therefore started up a project around two years ago, together with the foundation Impegno, to help this group.


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    Creative Mornings AMS

    CreativeMornings is a monthly, free breakfast lecture series, started by swissmiss (swiss-miss.com) in NYC. The Amsterdam chapter is hosted by Alvaro Marquez (mrmarquez.com/).Each event includes a 20 minute lecture, followed by a 20 minute group discussion. The gathering begins at 8:30am with the topic presentation starting at 9:00am and everyone taking off for work at 10am. CreativeMornings are free of charge!


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    Health Codex

    The Health Codex allows you to capture your own health history. It is something that follows you through your illness experience. Compiled by its owner the Health Codex can contain what they feel is important to them. They can monitor all the aspects of their health, use humour to ask for help, organise their social health care network, and keep their medical records and legal documents. The Codex can even contain distractions to do while waiting and wishes from friends to read when on your own.


  9. Australia Day XXX Edition

    A bit of a fun side-project, bringing Australia Day to the Netherlands; Amsterdam to be exact. It’s a day to celebrate a whole continent, and an excuse to learn about all things Australian.


  10. Hand Crafted, Pirate themed Bicycle Paraphernalia. As any good project begins, it was initiated late one evening when they were discussing common interests (pirates and bicycles respectively) Learn more about it.


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    Teaching Tools : Solid House Foundation

    Created in with aims of implementation in Southern Sudan, in accordance to a brief provided by the Solid House foundation, a range of products were designed aiming to empower the local community with the focus of construction and training. Allowing the community to physically rebuild their towns and their lives and skills.


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    World Refugee Day game : VluchtelingenWerk

    Who is who, World Refugee day edition is a game designed to raise awareness through play. The game creates an opportunity, a time, and a place, where 2 players can sit down and play a game, prompting them to think and talk about refugee issues. The design around this project centres on the positive aspects of refugees as individuals and human beings, and on the strength and other qualities they bring to their communities. Playing the game means sharing the inspiring stories of famous and everyday refugees, in the process dispelling myths and stereotypes.


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    Refugee Realities : Oxfam

    Refugee Realities was a project designed to educate schoolchildren and the wider Australian public about the rights of people affected by crisis and conflict; and to share with them the experiences of refugees around the world. This was done by building a simulation Refugee camp in the middle of Melbourne, Australia. Designed to showcase the reality of being a refugee within a camp the project aimed to creatively engage and inspire active citizenship on the issues of refugee rights, conflict and humanitarian relief. The project also encouraged strong Australian Government accountability towards protecting and assisting the well being and rights of people in humanitarian crises around the world, including refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.




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    Sentimental Object Library

    The Sentimental Object Library is a project that aims to give the general public the tools to share, learn about, and, interchange sentimental objects. Created through public participation, individuals would upload an image of their Sentimental Object’s with an appended blurb about why it is important. Participating within the system meant members could browse, lend and borrow objects and of course the chance to exhibit what’s was important to them