How exactly do you say

Well, with some creativity and determination. The details are fittingly open to interpretation with, the potential to be expressed through dance. With a name like mine it's no wonder my true passion lies in designing for the difficult, awkward or ambiguous. I research, design, and make products. You will find me happiest when my hands are thoroughly dirty and I get to collaborate with other humans.

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What do you do?

I make things. On paper I am strange combination of Industrial and Social Designer.

What that means is that I am able to tackle anything from technical drawings to participatory design, inclusive of many exciting areas in-between. I've been expanding and honing my skills for a while with my most recent positions focusing on design research, and digital design. My journey to where I am now has included ridiculous amounts of fun dreaming up and creating awesome side projects and pop-up events. My desire to see what's out there has led me to travel, work and study only the most challenging places I could find. Building the foundations for my ever-expanding snowglobe collection.

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Six projects I'm proud of
(and can actually tell you about)

Despite being a very open person, willing and able to talk about almost anything I must abide by confidentiality agreements. Especially for the great projects I have worked on that are still in the process of being realised.

Designing health

Research into social and mental wellbeing

Amsterdam diner

Vintage feel branding, experience, space design

3D Systems

Interaction design for 3D printing


Product design, modelling

to [icon]

Pixel perfect details, vector illustration

Refugee Realities

Using design for good

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