How exactly do you say

Well. With some creativity and determination. The details are fittingly open to interpretation with the potential to be expressed through dance. Hi I'm Jo. A designer, researcher and maker. My passion lies in designing for the difficult, awkward or ambiguous. I'm happiest when my hands are dirty and I get to collaborate with others.

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Designer type*

On paper I'm a strange combination of Industrial Designer, and Social Designer.

Recently I've been working on building my visual design skills and interaction design know-how in Amsterdam. My journey to where I am now has included ridiculous amounts of fun dreaming up and creating awesome side projects and pop-up events. My curiousity has led me to travel, work and study only the most challenging places I could find. Building the foundations for my ever-expanding snowglobe collection.

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Six projects I'm proud of
(and can actually tell you about)

Despite being a very open person, and excited to talk about almost anything, I must respect confidentiality agreements. Especially for the sake of the great projects I have worked on that are still in the process of being realised.

Designing health

A research project

Amsterdam diner

Branding, experience, space

3D Systems

Serious interaction design


Product design, modelling

to [icon]

Pixel perfect details

Refugee Realities

Using design for good

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